Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tom Hairabedian - Diving at age 90

This article was shared with me by my friend Garland Schnack @ Restoration News It was so awesome and inspiring, I had to share it. It makes me want to work a little harder on my next project with the knowledge I can do it. It also makes me ask again, "Jesus, what can I accomplish for you?" 

What does it inspire you to do?

Tom Hairabedian - Diving at age 90
by Garland Schnack

My friend Tom Hairabedian at age 90, they say the oldest guy in the world diving 10 Meter Tower.

Tom just returned from the National Diving tournaments at Montreal and Rutgers where he won 6 Gold Medals.

Tom and Susan was instrumental in translating the Book of Mormon into Hebrew.

​It took 15 years on the Hebrew. They also did the Russian translation of the Book of Mormon which took a little less time. They have approximately 900 of the Hebrew left, and can be purchased at Price Publishing. The Russian translation books are stored in a warehouse (3000). People are needed to distribute them. For those who would like a personal copy they are $16.00. For Russian speaking people they are free.​

Tom also plays the Harmonica.

Also check out his website

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