Thursday, August 21, 2014

National Prince Week Day 5 - Prince Harry

#NationalPrinceWeek is hoppin' and today, Hope Campbell from Dysfunction Junction is in the house ready to party.

Hope: Hey Peeps! Thanks for stopping in again. I'm reaallly excited about it being my turn, I've been on pins and needles waiting to have my shot at taking over the blog. I mean, seriously, choosing the perfect prince is totally my specialty.  The book I gave Kianna for her birthday last year was called 101 Ways to Find Mr. Right by Ima Waiting. Killer title, right? Cracks me up every time! ANYway, I picked my prince not only for his rugged good looks, but for his gutsy nature and good sense of humor. I like a guy that can challenge rules on occasion and test the waters. (Okay, so maybe he challenged them a bit much in his younger days, but lately? SWOON!)

Meet Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, also known as Capt. Harry Wales in his military role. (The Queen might not have appreciated his beard, but I sure do!)

They say a ginger head leads to a fiery heart. I can handle that. :)

Today I was going to list my favorite Disney Princes for you - but that seemed a little too mundane (and hard! so many to choose from!)

So, I thought first I'd help you find your perfect Disney Prince Match. There are several quizzes on-line, I took four and only got the same prince (Eric) twice. But I'm listing them all so you can have as much fun as I did.
Prince Eric - The Little Mermaid

Buzz Feed: Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love?

I'd love to hear who your perfect prince is, so be sure to note it below or post it on the Facebook page. And for those who have always dreamed of what their Disney Prince would look like more grown up? Here are a couple of art renderings by David Kawena. (Ooo, fair warning, his art is amazing, but some of it is more 'grown up' than I'd like, ranging from what I post here to R rated, so caution on searching his images.)

Prince Phillip - Sleeping Beauty (by David Kawena)

Prince Eric - The Little Mermaid  (by David Kawena)
Prince Adam - Beauty and the Beast  (by David Kawena)

Tomorrow We're ALL back and we'll be sharing even MORE Hot Princes of every kind that can't be missed. And don't forget to stop by Mary Waibel's blog, she's got a lot of Princely things going over there too that you don't want to miss - like meeting a Prince and wining prizes.

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Unknown said...

I love the book title and author name of Hope's gift. Too funny!!

Another great choice today!!

April Erwin said...

Thanks, Mary. Hope has a pretty good sense of humor. She loves to get into others love lives too. :)