Monday, February 25, 2008

Miracles Happen Everyday

Song Stuck on the Brain: Zippity Doo Dah. My office mate was discussing a business letter he wrote and said, and I quote. "It's truth, it's factual." And instantly I sang, "Everything is satisfactual, Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay...."

Wow, have the last few weeks been hairy. I wanted to post this earlier, but haven't really had a chance to until now. But I wanted to tell you all about a Miracle.

I know some people don't believe in miracles, and some might think miracles are only for big things like life and death. I think Miracles happen every day. It reminds me of one of my favorite Albert Einstein qutoes. "There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle."

I want to share something that happened to my parents and it definitely has God's fingerprints all over it.

It started Saturday, February 2nd. Mom purchased a money order to pay on her Sam's Club credit card. Before she went to bed that night, she made out the money order, sealed it in it's return envelope and laid it on the table next to her chair in the living room. She knew Angel and I would be coming Sunday for lunch and she'd have one of us take it to work on Monday, buy postage and drop it in the mail.

Sunday morning, the kids were up early begging for pancakes before Sunday school and it took Mom a while to realize that the envelope wasn't where she left it. She and the kids begin looking and they took the room apart trying to find it. They even dug through the trash cans in the off chance it had been tossed by accident. No luck, the envelope was gone.

Mom and Dad live on a fixed income, so the loss of this money was especially distressing to all of us. We all prayed about it, and Mom asked God to either help her find it, or get the payment to the store somehow for her. After a week or so of it still being missing, I told mom to look into stopping payment on the check and re-issuing it. She agreed to do that, but she wanted to give it a little longer, just in case they could find it. No sense in paying the stop payment fee until necessary, right?

Friday the 15th, Dad went to the bank to see about reissuing the check. The teller agreed it could be done, but they're required to make sure that the check hasn't actually cleared yet. They called Sam's Club to see if the payment had been received.

Sam's said, "Oh, yes. It's been deposited already."
"When was it deposited?" Dad wanted to know.
"Monday, February 4th."

Now you tell me, how did a check written at 10 pm on a Saturday night with no postage, mail itself to Sam's Club and get deposited on Monday? God answered Mom's prayer. He hand delivered that payment.

Why? Maybe just to remind us that He's in control, He cares about the little stuff and to just trust Him. He could have allowed us to find the payment, and we all would have been thrilled and singing His praises for that blessing. But this. This gets attention. And it's nice to be reminded that miracles happen everyday.


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Carolynn said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing and reminding us that God is everywhere and He really does care about 'the little things'!