Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liu Wei plays piano with feet

Next time I complain that I can't drive because of the possibility of a seizure, I'm going to remember this. I can't believe how many times I've let the littlest of things in life hold me back when they're nothing in comparison to this.

Liu Wei's demonstration of determination and courage with a positive attitude is so inspiring. I love his life's motto: "Live wonderfully."

I can't post the actual video here, but PLEASE visit this link to watch this amazing pianist with no arms play the piano beautifully with his FEET.


Andi said...

I understand about seizures, I have complex partials. We should talk sometime. Andi

April Erwin said...

It's an interesting condition isn't it? My seizures stem from the temporal lobe and they don't know what causes them, only that I have a large amount of electrical activity on the left side of my brain. I had my first Grand Mal in November of 2008. I've tried three different meds and the two I'm currently taking are at their highest dosage, but so far seem to be keeping all seizures at bay.

I may not be able to drive, but God has truly blessed me through all of this and provided for me every step of the way. I don't fear them, and I believe that one day I will be healed. It's just a matter of Jesus' timing. Until then, I use them as an opportunity to share and wittness with others about my faith and testimony. Jesus uses all of us for so many different purposes.

I'd love to discuss it with you any time, Andi.