Friday, March 09, 2007

Catching Up on Life

Song Stuck on the Brain: Faster Car by Keith Urban. I think the lyrics are rather appropriate, because I do need a faster car. Or at least a new one.

Idol Thoughts:
So, my predictions for Idol weren't spot on, but they weren't terrible. Unfortunately Haley made it into the top 12 bumping my pic of Sabrina. I'm in high hopes she won't last over the other girls. She's just not in the same league vocally. I'm not a big Sundance fan, but vocally I thought he had it over Sanjaya, however the teen population proved me wrong and Sanjaya is in instead of Sundance. Overall though, a very satisfying top 12. I'm excited to see how they all do once they start working with the vocal coaches and trainers. After the top 12 have performed next week, I'll give you my predictions for the top 3.

Blast From the Past:
Last night was girls nite out at the dinner theater. The play was I Do, I Do and it was really funny. Only two people in the cast, but you never felt bored. On the contrary we laughed nearly non-stop. It was such a blast.

Apparently last night was old home week as well, because we ran into a couple we used to attend church with. They were sponsors for a group of high schoolers that had attended. Then, Angel opened up the program, and listed as understudy for the male lead, was Darin Parker.

"Is this the Darin Parker we knew?"

I took a look. "Maybe, I haven't seen him since I was in grade school. The picture is too small to tell for sure."

I read his bio clip, but it didn't mention where he was from. Just listed his musical accomplishments and a website for his vocal studio. We debated the picture a little longer, but it was just a little black and white, not ideal for identifying long lost schoolmates.

So this morning I decided to check it out. Sure enough, when his picture popped up, I knew it was him. The freckles have faded and he's got facial hair, but there is no mistaking that it's him.

I told Angel and my office mate I should email him and say, "Hi Darin, this is April. You probably don't remember me, but you used to tell me scary stories when I spent the night."

Which of course got a huge reaction. Mostly because it came out all wrong. So before you start thinking dark thoughts about both of us, let me set you straight.

I was best friends with Stephanie. Stephanie's family was building a new house and for a short while they lived with Darin's family while their's was being built. Steph and I loved sleeping over and when I slept over at her place, we camped out in the living room. Darin would come in after lights out and tell us 'scary' stories. He was always really good at drama, so the stories were a lot of fun. I say scary, because I have always been a real wuss when it comes to scary movies, books, stories, etc. So his stories of hidden rooms that housed monsters in the basements of hotels; and brides that wore ribbons around their neck to keep their head tied on, were really creepy to me. Especially in the dark.

I just think it's kind of interesting timing, this happening upon him, because Angel and I just dicussed the possibility of looking for a new vocal coach just two days ago. Then I find out that this person I haven't seen in probably twenty years is doing just that for a living.

I don't know though, it could be weird taking lessons from him. I know he's extremely talented, that's obvious. But just the adjustment in my mind from teen Darin, Stephanie and I's 'hero', to the adult, accomplished Darin could be a challenge.

Then of course there's the whole other part of me that's still 8 and wanting to make a good impression on him. So I'm sure singing in front of him would be un-nerving as well, no matter how nice he is.

I put a call in to his studio to check it out, so I guess we'll just wait and see.

In the mean time, this has suddenly given me a great idea for adding a twist to a novel I'm working on, so even if I don't study under him at least I'll have come away with something useful.

Have a great weekend,

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Darin Parker Music said...

Hi April...Darin Parker here! :) Came across your blog and thought I would drop a note to you. I hope you are doing well. Life is as busy as usual here, but enjoyable. I would love to catch up with you on things when you have a moment. Don't know if I am allowed to put my email address here or not, but will try: liederstudio at yawhu daht cahm. How's that for incryption?? I hope to hear from you soon.