Thursday, March 08, 2007

Charity for the Kids

Song Stuck on the Brain: Flinstones theme song, followed by 3am by Matchbox Twenty, and I Am Nothing by Whitney Houston, then finally In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

The Peter Gabriel song was due to the radio-thon on our local Mix 93.3 channel. They're raising money for the Children's Mercy. Angel and I were at lunch and they started playing In Your Eyes and here and there in the song, they would have a woman sharing the story about her daughter's injury. The young teen passed out on a riser during a choir performance, fell head first onto the stage and has been in a coma since then. At the end of the story, the music swells and Peter sings the chorus In your eyes over and over as the mother says, "Baby, this is mommy. Open your eyes. Open your eyes for, Mommy. I love you..."

I completely lost it. I was trying to eat lunch and my food refused to go down for the tears rising. I had to change the station because I was litterally falling apart for this poor woman. I swear if I'd had any money to donate, I would have given it all, right then. Angel was crying too, until she saw me then she started laughing. So either way, she couldn't swallow either. We were a mess.

I think it's so cool that the radio station works to help raise funds for the hospital. I know Children's Mercy in Kansas City is one of the best Children's Hospitals in the nation. I spent a week and a half there as a child and my niece was in and out several times for her I.T.P. I hope the radio-thon raises a lot of funds.

If your interested, here's the info:

Rocket & Teresa's Mix for Kids Radiothon
Donate to Rocket & Teresa's 2007 Mix for Kids Radiothon! All of the money raised through the Children’s Miracle Network here in Kansas City, STAYS IN KANSAS CITY, to help Kansas City kids! Call 816-461-9393 OR click here to donate online.

I know how scary it was for me as a kid having major surgery in the hospital. It was terrifying and painful, but everyone there was so good to me. They had a great team of volunteers that brought everything from a friendly visit to make you smile to a home made stuffed toy. They work really hard to make the kids stay as bearable as possible. I can only imagine how that feels from a parents point of view.


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