Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday is hassenpfeffer

Song Stuck on the Brain: Today is Tuesday, Today is Tuesday, Tuesday hassenpfeffer, Everybody happy, well I should say!

I learned this song in first grade and for some reason it has completely stuck with me. Each day was a different food, like string beans, soup, fresh fish, roast beef, etc. I couldn't tell you which day was which, except Tuesday. I've never had rabbit in my life, but hassenpfefferstuck with me. I think I just liked the word. I tried to Google the lyrics to see the whole list, but none of the versions on-line list hassenpfeffer. Which means that my music teacher really was as old as the hills. It's kinda sad too, all kids should learn to sing hassenpfeffer.

So, last night I suffered a few more labor pains and birthed a little more of my novel. It felt good to find some momentum on it again. I want to enter it in a contest so the first 25 pages have to be really clean by April. I'm cautiously optimistic about it's reception. I don't expect to win or place (although who wouldn't love to win the 'most beautiful baby' prize?) but the feedback from pro's will be a great learning experience. I'm hoping to work on it more tonight, but I've got so much other stuff going, we'll see if I can squeeze in the time. Last night I was up until 3 am and I'd rather avoid doing that again.

Did you have beautiful weather in your hometown today? I believe we hit 77 today and it was GORGEOUS at lunchtime. I nearly cried when I had to come back into the bat cave for work. I'm so in the mood to road trip. I don't even care where I go as long as I've got a full tank of gas, the wind in my hair and the radio cranked.

Tonight is Idol's Top 12 and I'm excited to see how they all fare. I should have some predictions for you tomorrow. In the mean time, don't forget to enter the new contest. Click the book cover at right and email your entry.

Cheerio! (I'm already channeling Simon!)

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