Monday, January 21, 2008

CSFF: Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet

Song Stuck on the Brain: Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas

The CSFF is touring:


Two thieves find an abandoned child in the woods, lying in a footprint made by an unknown creature. Cloaked in mystery, the girl calling herself Auralia grows up in a community of convicted criminals who have been exiled from House Abascar–an oppressed kingdom threatened by encroaching Beastmen and persecuted by its own king.

Auralia develops an unsettling–and forbidden–talent for transforming simple things into manifestations of color that enchant and amaze all who behold them. Her talents open doors–from the gates of the kingdom to the cages of Abascar’s dungeons. This sets the stage for chaos as she divides the king from his son, and sets in motion events that could transform–or ruin the four great Houses of the Expanse.


This book is enchanting. Auralia is such in engaging character, I could hardly wait to read more. Auralia's world is just as real and captivating. I love the names he chose for the creatures. Unique and yet almost familiar, as if you somehowknew in the back of your mind that there really was a cracker jaw bird.

Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Visit the author's site and hear him read chapter 1. I dare you not to be hooked.


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Kait said...

That's true - his unique creatures do sound like possible animals! I never thought of that, although I really couldn't figure out what a vawn would look like!

Brandon Barr said...

Hi April

just dropping by to check out your post on Auralia's Colors.

I couldn't help but notice your post on Powerwindows! That guy is so funny. I love his tv show.

Unknown said...

The vawns are described in more detail than some of the other critters but it is in bits and pieces throughout the book. It would be hard to compare them to anything we know of in real life. It sounds somewhat like a cross between an armadillo and a giant lizard type creature to me.

Your point about many of the names though is true. ooooohhhh how I cringed when the character runs into the spider bat in the Underkeep. Two critters that give me the heebiejebies to start with crossing them would really do it.


April Erwin said...

Oh, so true! That spider bat gave me the shudders. Just like the giant spider in the Lord of the Rings. Ugh!