Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joy... Ache... Joy... Ache...

Song Stuck on the Brain: My New Dawn by Daniel Kirkley (Awesome voice, check out his link.)

Sad news....

The 4400 has been canceled. It's a thing to mourn. One of the best scifi shows to make it longer than one season, four to be exact, and they've canceled the show with no explanation. It's a tragedy. I'm very bummed.

However, according to a recent article in Women's World magazine, a neurologist has scientifically proven that looking at a good looking man will increase a woman's mood and make her feel happier. I believe the quote went something like, 'their brain lights up like manhattan.'

As if we needed a neurologist to prove this. We women have known this for how long? My office mates discussed it, and we've decided we all need 'our fav hottie' on our desktop to get us through the tough day of customers and idiots.

And since I'm a girl of many moods, and I need the extra boost, I pick two:
Dominic Purcell and Tom Welling

Need I say more?

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