Thursday, June 05, 2008

Evidence of the Batcave

Song Stuck on the Brain: Whatever it Takes by Lifehouse

I know I've mentioned that I work in the Batcave, but not everyone believes me when I explain that the Batcave is an ACTUAL cave - not just a really dark building. As proof, I offer the following pictures.

Falling rock is not uncommon, but with all the rain we've had lately, we've seen a lot more than normal. The moisture in the ground seems to loosen the limestone. The rock is supposed to be painted and sealed to discourage falling rock, but it hasn't been done recently. Now the cave floor in the drive way is littered with rock that's fallen from the ceiling. The rock in the picture actually fell off the column next to an employee's parking spot. Praise God no one was nearby when it fell. The piece that fell is over 113 pounds, and as big as the top of a utility cart.

The dark spot on the rock column is where the chunk came from.

Notice that the fallen piece is as big the top of the cart.

We use these carts to pick product and they're about 36" long and 22" wide.

So far no one is wearing hard hats, but maybe we should. Don't you wanna work in the Batcave with me?


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